Is Windows 10 Spying On Us or Not?

There has been a lot of confusion regarding what Windows 10 is and is not doing to your computer after you download it. If you believe all of the hype, then Windows 10 is making a copy of all of your information and squirreling it away at Microsoft. Well, that’s just not true. There has been no hard evidence found that the operating system is stealing your information.

Windows 10

Now, does it need some of your information to operate correctly? Yes. Can you control what information you share with Microsoft? Yes. There are privacy options that allow you to filter what information you share with Microsoft and what information you keep to yourself.

Another level of data protection is to use privacy tools that are readily available on the Internet. A word of caution, look closely at the tool that you choose. Some have been known to download malware to your computer, in addition to the privacy program. The emphasis is to thoroughly review what you download to check for hidden extras that come with the program files.

So what are some specific steps that you can take?

  • Opt out of Cortana or limit access. The biggest data user is the Personal Assistant Cortana. You can opt out of using this feature or limit information shared with Cortana.
  • Don’t link your Microsoft account with Windows 10. You can set up the installation to create a separate login.
  • You can choose to opt out of sharing information to create targeted ads by clicking the setting to “off” in the Privacy Settings.
  • Review all of the privacy setting options to determine what other information can be shared. It’s important to note that it is necessary to go into the privacy settings and examine the current configuration. Most choices are defaulted to the sharing option.
  • You can use a tool like Spybot Anti-Beacon. This tool cuts off the tracking features associated with Windows 10. Other options include tools such as DoNotSpy 10 and Destroy Windows 10 Spying.

The level of information you share with Microsoft is in your control. There are many options available to you.

Call {phone} or email us at {email} discuss your privacy concerns. {company} is here to handle all of your information technology needs at a flat-rate monthly fee. We keep you operating efficiently while combating threats that come your way.

Who We Work With

We build relationships with our clients founded on respect, trust, and a high level of reciprocity.

{company} can do pretty amazing things for your company, but without the support of the client we’re left idle – missing out on the opportunity to maximize your operations and help you scale your company. That’s why we work with clients that value strategic planning, understand the importance of managed IT services and are willing to collaborate and allow their technology investment to have a large impact on their company. We love what we do, and having an ideal client lets us work to our full potential.

So what makes an ideal client? How do you know we are the right fit for your business?

  • You’re focused on excellence, and want a provider with a creative outlook that brings an innovative perspective and fresh ideas to your company.
  • You are interested in expanding your knowledge of business process & technology, and the benefits it has for your business. So you want a provider focused on continuous incremental improvement, rather than just staying stagnant and content with the norm.
  • You’re not willing to accept mediocrity from your partners, and want to work with someone who maintains a standard of excellence and can be held accountable.
  • Stability and respect are crucial values of yours, so you choose to partner with companies that are consistent, attentive and transparent in the way they do business.
  • You work hard but also enjoy what you do, and want to work with a company that knows how to get things done, but does them with a sense of humor and positive outlook.
  • You have the utmost consideration for the time of your clients and partners, andwant to work with someone who values punctuality, sticking to appointment times and demonstrates an overall reliability.

Did you read this and say to yourself “that’s me, that’s what I’m looking for!”? If the answers is yes, then give us a call at {phone} or send an email to {email} to speak to a member of our team and find out more on what {company} can do for your business.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning Los Angeles

Create a Business Continuity Plan With {company} For When Disaster Strikes

When faced with a disaster, natural or otherwise, downtime is as inevitable as the disaster is itself. Interruptions caused by virus infections, power outages, floods, or simply human error can leave your company waiting for hours without access to your data or applications. {company} offers disaster recovery services so you can prepare for the unavoidable, and have a plan for before, during, and after disaster strikes.

Don’t get caught off guard, prepare for disastrous events by choosing {company} to manage your business continuity. Give us a call at {phone} or send an email to {email} to find out more on how {company} can give you the business continuity your company needs.

Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan not only benefits you, but your vendors, employees and clients as well.  It is important to teach users how to identify failures within the system, how to substitute the electronic processes with manual processes until the system is back up and restore data, so that they can use your Disaster Recovery Plan effectively.

{company} works with you to find the best business continuity solutions to match your company’s size and operation, including services from our partner Datto BDR. Our services encompass business-wide Disaster Recovery planning as well as a technology toolset – we can assist your company with a wide range of services.

  • We’ll perform a risk assessment of your system so that we can see what aspects of your network would be most effected by a system failure, giving us the knowledge you fortify only the aspects of your network that need it.
  • Dramatically reduced downtime with instant virtualization that replaces servers as soon as they go down, getting you up and running in as little as 6 seconds.
  • Synchronization of the Cloud drive to your local Network-Attached Storage to assure that you have access to even your most recent work.
  • We’ll create a plan to assure everything is accounted for by identifying the risk of loss for your operations, including financial, functional, and reputational.
  • Determine the best recovery point and time objectives, so you’ll know how quickly your systems should be back online after disaster strikes.
  • Create an optional disaster recovery plan that is locally accessible – giving you control over your data access and recovery.
  • Maintenance of recovery and backup system through routine testing – so you can have confidence in your business continuity

Avoid operational interruptions caused by disasters with {company}’s first class business continuity solutions. Give us a call at {phone} or send an email to {email} to find out more on how {company} can help you plan for the future.

Apple’s iPhone Trade-in Program Just Got a Little Sweeter

iphone trade inApple’s new trade-in program might just help cut-down costs for those who have bad luck keeping their iPhones in perfect condition. They are hoping to achieve an increase in sales by allowing iPhone users to trade in their damaged iPhones (5s and up) for an upgrade rather than a standard screen repair.

Apple has stated that they might see a decrease in revenue for the first time in approximately 13 years. This is your chance to take advantage and get that upgrade you’ve wanted for less.

Their current Reuse and Recycle program only allows you to trade in older models that are in good condition, no cracked displays, broken cameras or buttons. But now, that’s about to change.

With the new iPhone 7 being released this fall, many will want to jump on the bandwagon and upgrade their phones, and now even if they have damage, you can still be eligible for credits towards the purchase of a newer model:

  • $50 for damaged iPhone 5s,
  • $200 for damaged iPhone 6,
  • $250 for damaged iPhone 6s, and
  • Up to $500 for undamaged 6s.

In some cases, your trade-in can result in cheaper subsidies and financing plans with your new credits. Note, these trade-ins do not apply to online trades. Apple is also jumpstarting a new program that will allow Apple retail stores to install plastic screen protectors on iPhones in the back of the store.

If the machine results in an error placing the protector on your iPhone, they will offer you a free screen protector replacement and re-attempt the installation.

{company} keeps your business successful with well managed information technology that works for you. Book a consultation to find out more. You can contact us at {phone} or email us at {email} to speak with one of our IT specialists.

Building Tools For Growth Since 2007

We’re an I.T. consulting & implementation company focused on serving lifestyle and creative industries. We specialize in converting technology into a powerful tool by optimizing infrastructures and promoting their optimal use.

Our main goal is to empower clients to accomplish their business objectives through digital solutions and to help them find more time for their creative and personal endeavors. We want to redefine the way companies relate to their technology; that’s why we provide services that help them understand it from a strategic standpoint.

Josh Weiss is LACT’s CEO; a former radio technician who’s always been passionate about technology applications within creative fields. He’s constantly looking for new ways to connect both worlds so they complement and strengthen each other.

We like to collaborate with people who understand the real value that technology can contribute to their companies. We’ve worked with industries such as radio broadcasting, non-profit, architecture, design, music, film, television, civic and political.

Although the majority of our clients are located in the Los Angeles area, we’ve crafted services that allow us to be fully remote, which has granted us the possibility of also serving businesses in other parts of the country and abroad.

Microsoft Office 365

How Microsoft Office 365 Services Will Improve Your Business

Communication is a fundamental element to the success of any business, regardless of the industry, and maintaining a smooth and efficient workflow with clients, co-workers, and vendors is an essential part of communication. {company} understands these concerns and that’s why we provide consulting for Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 allows you to have secure and easy access to your documents, making it easier than ever for your workforce to collaborate and stay productive no matter where their work takes them.

Contact {company} to speak with a member of our IT services team about how Microsoft Office 365 will improve your workflow and cut costs. You can reach us at {phone} or {email} for more information.

Microsoft Office 365 offers all the best features and tools you depend on, with added features leading to increased productivity and accessibility. Some of these features include:

  • Remote access to calendars, emails and files from a Cloud-based server – making it simple to work outside the office.
  • Subscription to full Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016 packages for office workstations; including easy licensing and provides 5 installs per license for home or mobile use.
  • Security & Mobility for your entire team – so you can stay connected and productive with any device, regardless of the location.
  • Customizable controls means you choose which employees or clients have access to certain files or folders – so data never falls into the wrong hands.
  • Business Continuity for when you’re dealing with in-office disasters such as power outages or hardware issues – so you can keep working with access to all of your files.
  • Scalability to meet your unique needs allows you to pay for as many users and as much storage as necessary – eliminating on unnecessary costs.
  • Communicate through Skype and create online conference meetings with your team– so no one is left out of the loop.
  • Office Online lets you create and edit Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel documents from anywhere – giving your team the tools to succeed.
  • Enterprise Manage Apps simplifies app management with Group Policy, Telemetry, and Shared Computer Activation – making your complex system easy to use.
  • Yammer collaboration software lets your team connect with people, share information, and coordinate to create projects – so your team can do more, faster.
  • Excel business intelligence lets you discover and connect data with Power Query, model and analyze data with Power Pivot, and visualize insights with interactive maps with Power View and Power Map – so you can use a familiar tool do more.

Working with Microsoft Office 365 will increase your productivity so that your company can reach new heights! Contact {company} at {phone} or send us an email at {email}. We’ll help you get started.

Support Process

{company} understands how frustrating and dangerous an unresponsive IT company can be.

That’s why we provide a reliable support process that makes sure all client issues and concerns are quickly and efficiently addressed.

To submit a ticket, contact {company} with your concern or question and our expert team will assist you. Here is how our support process works:

  1. Receive Request: You can submit service requests via; chat, client portal, email, phone, or voicemail. Tickets can also be submitted from our desktop support tool, or through the end user portal. The client will then receive an automated response confirming the ticket was submitted.
  2. Response: The client’s request is prepared for processing and an update is sent to you within 60 seconds with phone calls, and within 6 hours with emails. Due to high call volumes, there may be delays during peak hours.
  3. Prioritizing and Dispatching: Ticket is prioritized and addressed according to Service Level Agreement guidelines below
  4. Rectification: Most problems can be handled by remote support specialists. When the issue cannot be addressed remotely, an engineer will come to your place of business.
  5. Invoice: You will receive a document containing a detailed description of the work done.

{company} can be reached at {phone} or {email} and is available from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday excluding L.A. Creative Holidays including: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. Please note that Client requests for support outside of working hours will be billed at time-and-a-half rates in fifteen minute increments.

Don’t get left waiting around for IT support. Unattended problems can escalate and threaten your company’s productivity. Reach out to {company} for the consistent and efficient IT support that your business needs. Contact us at {email} or {phone} to learn more.

Service Level Agreement


Severity Level Description

Escalation Response Time


Problem causing work stoppage, system down, blocking multiple employees. Systems engineer on the phone within ½ hour. If they cannot solve the issue remotely – engineer scheduled same business day within normal work hours.


Issue disrupts productivity of multiple employees, no obvious workaround to the issue. Systems engineer on the phone within 2 hours. If they cannot solve the issue remotely – engineer scheduled next business day.


Issue disrupts productivity of one employee, or there is a workaround to the issue. Systems engineer on the phone same day. If they cannot solve the issue remotely – engineer scheduled after approval for onsite work.


Issue does not disrupt productivity or is general technical question. Systems engineer on the phone next day. If they cannot solve the issue remotely – engineer scheduled after approval for onsite work.

Please note:

  • Priority 1 and 2; we will respond without seeking authorization for the additional charges that will be incurred.
  • Priority 3 and 4; we will seek authorization before completing this escalation.
  • Priority 1 or 2 issues; it is understood that client will only use phone or chat contact methods to initiate contact with us. If e-mail or Support Portal are used, we may not be able to abide by SLA guidelines.

Where We Serve

Managing technology has become a full time job in modern business. That’s why it’s important to find the best IT service provider to make sure your company stays competitive and operates efficiently.

For more information on what {company} can do for you. Reach us at {phone} or send us an email at {email} to get started with leaders in IT service and solution.

{company} provides outstanding managed IT services to clients in the following Los Angeles areas:

{company}’s experts in business technology advising has made them leaders in IT services in the Los Angeles area. We offer a wide range of solutions including:

  • Business Continuity Solutions: {company} ensures full recovery of all your information in the event of disasters such as floods or earthquakes.
  • Cloud Services Management: We’ll help you upgrade your business to the Cloud, increasing your efficiency and storage space at a fraction so the cost.
  • Cloud Communication: We’ll set you up with unified communications from industry-leading Masergy, with their Cloud Communication networks.
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer: Let us manage your technological needs, so you can focus on running your business.
  • Personal Managed Services: {company} takes pride in the personal relationships we build with our clients – with us, you’re like family.
  • Improved Security: We encrypt all of your data and provide maximum security, including firewall and anti-virus software – no matter where you are.
  • Network Design & Management: Let us upgrade and maintain your network so that it runs faster and better than ever before!
  • Data Mobility: We make sure you have the information you need – no matter where your job takes you.
  • Industry Specific Solution: {company} specializes in arts industries in the Los Angeles area, providing you with the technology services you rely on to keep your company creative and successful.

Maximize productivity by keeping your company running efficiently with {company}’s first class IT support. Contact us at {phone} or {email} for more information or to get started today.


Stay Competitive with LA Creative Technologies Superior IT Services in Hollywood

Hollywood is a highly competitive place to do business, and that’s why it is so important for companies to stay up to date. LA Creative Technologies’s IT services are guaranteed to keep you relevant in business technology.

LA Creative Technologies offers the best solutions in Hollywood for your company’s IT service needs. Give us a call at (323) 454-1312 or send an email to to find out more on what we can do for you!

We serve a variety of business types, matching the diversity of industries in the Hollywood area. These are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Industry Specific Solutions: LA Creative Technologies serves companies in a variety of industries including: production, radio stations, studios, and many other arts industries.
  • Cloud Services Management: Let us bring your company into the digital age by introducing, managing, and maintaining new Cloud technology.
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer: LA Creative Technologies will act as your own personal vCIO; managing technologies and keeping your team up to speed.
  • Managed Services: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 monitoring, altering, and reporting of the status of your business’ network.
  • Cloud Communication: LA Creative Technologies supplies you with the latest in unified communications, so you’re never out of touch – no matter where you go.
  • Data Mobility: We make sure you have all the information you need to be productive – anytime, anywhere.
  • Business Continuity Solutions: In the event of a disaster, LA Creative Technologies will make sure your business isn’t left out in the cold.
  • Improved Security: LA Creative Technologies protects all of your sensitive data to avoid costly and embarrassing information leaks.
  • Network Design & Management: We will upgrade your network to optimize efficiency and user satisfaction.

Be a Hollywood star by choosing the best in IT services. Contact LA Creative Technologies to find out how we can help your company be successful! Email us at or give us a call at (323) 454-1312.