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Can Other Los Angeles IT Companies Provide This Kind of Coverage and Support?

Although there are many IT firms out there, only a select few earn high marks in all areas of review. Only certain ones can deliver the goods in the areas of customer service, support response time, technology strategies, and data security. We consider ourselves to be the effective partners in IT optimization with those enterprise owners who seek us out for better IT solutions. And, we bank upon delivering on the promise of better IT companies in Los Angeles with each and every client we take on.

A Different Brand of Los Angeles IT Services

It’s important to us to be able to stand out from the crowd We believe a highly-rated IT company n Los Angeles must have ALL of the following (and more):

  • A more strategic managed IT services option which gives clients better budgeting options and coverage.
  • More agile cloud computing solutions, storage, and data management tools.
  • A 77% first support call rectification rate—compared to the industry average of 64%.
  • Essential tech monitoring that guarantees your everyday tools and processes are always running at peak efficiency.
  • The ability to augment or completely replace the in-house IT staff of small and mid-size businesses with IT support that covers ALL IT contingencies.
  • IT consulting and outsourcing that gives you a 24/7 vCIO who knows every hiccup and nuance of your network.

Can Your IT Services in LA Truly Measure Up?

With our preventive, offsite backup technology and remote data storage we help you thwart on-site mishaps such as fire, flood or other disaster. Our enhanced backup systems, hourly auto-backups and regular restoration testing assures you remain in business through any eventuality. Few LA IT support firms can match our responsive diligence in literally all areas of IT service.

Your Enterprise Deserves the Best IT Company in Los Angeles 

Don’t let reliable IT services in Los Angeles pass you by! LA Creative Technologies is among the most trusted IT companies in LA, and can closely collaborate and strategize with you to get your IT network optimized and in order. Call us now at (323) 454-1312 or email us at inquiries@lacreativetechnologies.com for more details.

Successful Methods of Managing a Remote Team

Remote teams can be a challenge if it is something new to you. However, you can find success with them if you use these steps.

The workforce is not what it used to be. More people are working from home than ever before and there are a lot of people that still need to connect with teams, despite being unable to connect with them in the traditional setting. Team members also may not be in the same city or state. They could be in different countries all over the world. In order to make this work, you must not only hire the right people who can work remotely, but you also need to have the right technological tools. If you are considering bringing together a remote team, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure it is successful.


Hire People Who Can Handle the Job

When you are looking for the right team, you not only need to find people who are qualified for the task at hand but you also need to make sure that the team you choose also can work independently and have the discipline to get the work done. working remotely is not for everyone and you need to look for both components to build the right team.

Provide All the Tools to Get the Job Done

When you are working on putting your team together, you also need to make sure you set them up for success. You need to provide ways for them to safely share files via the internet, provide them with ways to meet virtually, and more. If you have the perfect team but you do not provide them with a way to work, it will not be successful.

Work with Them to Set Goals

Not only should you set the goals that they need to work on as a team but you should also let them set their own goals together. Of course, the bottom line is to get the work done but they can also help each other by creating smaller goals together. Make sure they know their jobs so they can do this effectively.

Place Trust in Them

If you are building a remote team, there will need to be a lot of trust. To really let them get the work done, you need to show them that you trust them and not micro manage simply because you cannot see them. That doesn’t mean that you cannot ask for updates or to see the work before it is finished but you should not be checking up on them daily.

Let Them Build Trust in Each Other

For any team, remote or not, the key to success is ensuring that everyone trusts each other to get the work done. Even though they are a remote team, you should work with them to build the team by providing team exercises during meetings. Before they even get started on the project, they should also all meet each other virtually and get to know each other. This is key to a secure dynamic that will provide you with positive results.

For more information about remote teams and the technology you need for them, be sure to contact {company} in {city} via {phone} or by emailing them at {email}.

MacOS is a Free OS Upgrade. Is it Worth it?

Apple regularly releases new operating system updates to users for free. MacOS Sierra is the latest.

While not a vital upgrade, it does ensure programs (especially Apple software) runs smoothly. Performance likely won’t drop off by not installing MacOS Sierra initially, but as subsequent patches come out a non-upgraded system may grow sluggish. This makes upgrading to MacOS the right call.

MacOS Sierra

Operating system upgrades use to be a big deal. Such a big deal in fact that companies would charge hundreds of dollars for the privilege to upgrade. Microsoft, for example, would charge several hundred dollars (depending on the version) to upgrade. Microsoft continued to follow this path until Apple bucked the trend and started to offer its operating system upgrades for free. While there are many reasons behind this (including Mac OS upgrades typically are not complete overhauls in the way Windows use to be), the major underlying factor is Apple saw the advantage of assuring all users run the same OS. With mobile integration become more and more prevalent within the Apple ecosystem, users universally running the same operating system makes for easier development, in addition to providing security updates and system patches in a timely manor. The most recent operating system, MacOS Sierra is again free to download, but is it worth taking advantage of the free price tag? I’ll show you the benefits and possible drawbacks.


Probably the biggest addition to MacOS Sierra is the inclusion of Siri. It works in a similar manor as it does on the iPhone. For users of both Mac and iPhone, this can make for a seamless transition between computer and mobile device.

App Upgrades

Some of the noticeable applications on a Mac do come with an upgrade here. Apple Photos receives a facelift and provides facial recognition for easier image sorting.

Does It Affect Functionality?

One of the biggest reasons why anyone should avoid performing an operating upgrade is because it renders essential programs obsolete. This happened all the time with Windows operating system updates as program designers would need to release patches in order to up-convert the software. The beauty of the MacOS Sierra software is this isn’t a problem. At least as long as the current operating system isn’t several generations old. A computer running an OS from five years ago may not have the ability to upgrade. In this case, it may actually be best to hold out as some of these older programs likely won’t work properly.

MacOS Sierra doesn’t necessarily bring any new vital perks, and while having some mobile features can be nice, the upgrade isn’t essential. However, if you run in the Apple ecosystem, it does make connecting with other devices easier. Most importantly, MacOS Sierra puts you in line for the latest security updates and software patches, to protect the computer against external threats. For this reason alone, you should look towards the free MacOS upgrade. Want more information on updating a network, running software or other IT needs? Contact us at {email} to learn more. You can also call us at {phone}. We service the greater {city} area. Our {company} provides start of the art IT assistance, so any questions you have or needs you need addressed, our team of IT professionals is here for you.

Outsourced IT Services in Los Angeles

Many startups are getting on the IT services bandwagon, and as a result, the IT industry is getting oversaturated with IT companies claiming they can deliver what, frankly, many of them cannot. If you’ve found this web page due to seeking better outsourced IT services, then we welcome you with open and capable arms (and eyes and ears) that will, collectively, deliver you and your enterprise the type of outsourced IT services in Los Angeles you are in search of!

Affordable Outsourced IT Services in Los Angeles

We’re an IT Outsourcing Company in LA with a Difference 

So, now you know that we’re an LA IT outsourcing company. But, we’re also one that has made great efforts to set ourselves above our competitors by being able to offer more IT services at more cost-effective rates. Yes, outsourced IT in Los Angeles is at the core of what we do, but it doesn’t completely define us as an entity. We actually seek to be the effective partners in optimal IT performance with those SMB owners who come to us for better IT solutions.

What Should Better IT Outsourcing in Los Angeles Look Like?

We believe better IT outsourcing in Los Angeles must have ALL of the following (and more):

  • A collaborative, strategic approach that takes the client’s inherent operations and data management needs into account.
  • The ability to augment or completely replace the in-house IT staff of small and mid-size businesses with IT support that covers ALL IT contingencies.
  • The services of a virtual Chief Information Officer, or vCIO, which makes the support and servicing process a much more streamlined and direct one.
  • A more effective managed IT services option which gives clients better budgeting options and coverage.
  • More agile tools for not only IT growth but operational growth as well. We have a plethora of proprietary tools aimed at such ends.

Add to that the widest selection of cloud computing solutions and hosted cloud solutions, one of the deepest tool boxes when it comes to innovative communications strategies; and customizable solutions for every aspect of your IT infrastructure, designed to exactly fit your goals, objectives, and parameters. Oh, and you also need business continuity planning that will allow for the survival of any SMB, should disaster strike. All of this, to us, is what superior Los Angeles IT outsourcing looks (and performs) like.

Get Started Now with Better Outsourced IT Services in Los Angeles 

Are you looking for more reliable outsourced IT services in Los Angeles? LA Creative Technologies is among the most trusted IT outsourcing companies in LA, and can closely collaborate with you to get your IT network to where it needs to be. Call us now at (323) 454-1312 or email us at inquiries@lacreativetechnologies.com for more details.

How Windows 10 Can Open Up New Selling Avenues for Businesses

Microsoft just announced a major update coming this spring that can help business owners sell in new ways. 3D technology will soon be right at your fingertips.

If you are in the business of real estate, product design, architecture, or even manufacturing, Windows 10 is about to completely change the way you vet new business. if you have been looking for a way to tap into the verticals market, Windows 10 is a great place to get started. More specifically, Windows 10 Creators Update is exactly what you should be looking into.

Windows 10 Sales

What Does Windows 10 Creators Update Do?

The new software added to Windows 10 allows users to create 3D models of real life objects. They can do this by using their smartphones to capture 360 degree images of whatever item they would like to make a model of. They can also use the new version of Microsoft Paint for 3D. That is not everything that Microsoft has planned either. They also plan on releasing an update to the Windows 10 software sometime in the spring that will add a way for users to add creative features to their virtual or augmented reality. This update will be free for all current Windows 10 users. Sharing and creating 3D objects has never been easier and it will completely change the face of some industries.

How to Use This Update in Your Business

There are so many new possibilities that are opening up with this new update. For business owners, they will be able to show their customers what the product looks like in 3D without having to actually see it in person. In the real estate industry, things will change drastically. Instead of focusing on videos and photos to sell a home, agents will now be able to create 3D imaging of the space for potential buyers to view. The same is true for people in the architecture industry. They can literally bring their creations to life before anything is built. Even if you have not considered using 3D in your business yet, now is the time to really start brainstorming it. This is especially true if you already have Windows 10. You will get the update without having to pay any money. Come spring, you should have all of your ideas formulated so you can begin to get started as soon as the update is available.

Staying Up to Date with Technology

This new 3D developmental technology is only the beginning of changes to come. As a company, you will want to stay on top of these developments so you can effectively use them to push your business forward. Your competitors may not be aware of these updates and this is how you can stand out. Using this type of technology is a great way to reach new customers and you should want to take advantage of this in any way possible. 3D technology is not very popular yet but it will not be very long before it is. Get a head start on ways you can use the technology and use it as a way to bring in more customers.

For more information about the update and 3D technology, be sure to contact {company} in {city} via {phone} or {email}.

5 Rules to Follow for Safe Holiday Shopping

How safe is it to shop online this holiday season? Learn five things you can do to stay safe when gift shopping online.

Going online to buy is becoming second nature to most consumers. The U.S. Census Bureau reports online retails sales for the third quarter of 2016 are estimated to be 101.3 billion dollars. That’s an increase of 4 percent from the previous quarter.

Christmas Shopping

The downside to this e-commerce upswing is scammers who are, of course, out in full force during peak shopping seasons. The chaos that accompanies getting ready for the holidays while managing your career and family at the same time can lead to people being sloppy with their personal information. Consider five things to keep in mind to stay safe when holiday shopping online.

1. It’s a Good Time to Use the Credit Card

During the holiday season when you are doing more shopping than usual, consider using a credit card instead of your usual debit card. Credit cards offer the best fraud protection when shopping online because you can dispute the charges before you actually pay for anything. The money in your bank account stays right where it belongs if a hacker gets hold of your numbers or even if you buy a product online that fails to show up at your door.

You can dispute a debit card purchase but there is no guarantee the bank will refund the money to you right away. That is especially dangerous if a hacker starts buying gifts on your dime and suddenly you have overdrafts.

2. Stick With What You Know

Peak shopping season is a poor time to start trying out new vendors. Stick with websites that are familiar to you when buying gifts. Most have proven security features in place and you know what you are getting. If you do decide to try a new company, research them first. Check out online reviews. No reviews or bad reviews tell you to keep looking.

3. Keep a Tight Lid on Your Personal Information

No online shopping venue needs your social security number during checkout. There are very few reasons to give out your birth date, too. Be wary on any e-commerce site that asks for extraneous personal information. Credit card number, expiration date, billing address and security number are about all any vendor needs to process a payment.

4. Stay Secure

Do your shopping on your secure wireless network instead of at the local coffee shop or even at work. That’s good advice any time of the year. You have no expectation of privacy on a public network. Feel free to check your Facebook messages while in line waiting for your mocha latte but leave the gift buying for when you at home behind a personal firewall.

5. Be Wary of Emails About Package Shipments

You are expecting a delivery, so you will probably get emails providing you with delivery details. If you get one that asks for you to confirm your credentials or credit card information, don’t respond. The shipping company isn’t going to need your credit card details after your package ships, so the email is probably a scam. If in doubt, contact the company by phone to confirm.

Cyber criminals come up with more innovative ways each year to steal personal information. You can avoid being a victim and still enjoy the convenience of shopping online by just paying attention to pitfalls that can cost you this holiday season.