Office Moves and Relocations

Expanding to new branch offices or relocating your existing office technology to a new location is overwhelming. There is so much to think about from your network to your phone systems.  We’ve helped a number of our clients successfully relocate or open a new office, some with extremely tight deadlines.

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This company had a two week deadline to move their existing office to a new location. LA Creative Technologies was up for the challenge!

Another example of successful office openings is the work we’ve done and continue to do with The Agency, a real estate company. We helped them open their first seven US offices, including the new Pacific Palisades location, and are currently working on three additional office locations for them as we speak.

If you’re opening a branch office… need to relocate your existing office… or are simply starting a new business, give us a call. We will be happy to help you through the technology planning to get set up and running as quick and efficiently as possible. We will be happy to help you through the technology planning to get set up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.


LA Creative Serves as The Perfect Managed IT Service Partner for Urban Planning Consultation Firm

When ELP Advisors were looking for an efficient and optimized approach to managed IT services, LA Creative Technologies was the ideal local partner to provide the multi-faceted solutions they needed.

ELP Advisors is an urban planning consulting firm that helps clients build better communities. By crafting a strategic vision that is guided by principle and tempered by pragmatism, ELP Advisors works every day to help enrich California communities. The firm’s team holds expertise in housing, workforce and economic development, sustainability, transportation, and community engagement. Because ELP Advisors is so interdisciplinary, the company engages in a variety of diverse audiences and requires easy access to a range of different information. To operate efficiently and optimize their efforts to build thriving communities, ELP Advisors needed a simple, integrated internal network and data storage system.

IT Services In LA

The Situation: The Need for An Efficient and Strategic Approach to Optimizing Information Technology

IT Company in Los AngelesRichard France, the Principal Associate with ELP Advisors said the firm was indeed looking for a way to simplify and optimize their approach to managing IT. “We had worked with other managed IT providers in the past, but none of them were based locally in Los Angeles,” France says. It became apparent to the ELP Advisors team that partnering with a local provider would help ensure that technology glitches do not interrupt productivity and drown the firm in downtime.

Furthermore, the ELP Advisors team we’re looking for a strategic leader that could help harness technology to support business goals. “Our firm simply doesn’t have in-house technical support. With staff split between our Los Angeles and San Diego offices, we needed assistance from a local team to set up an internal network, develop strategic approaches to managing data, and provide day-to-day support to resolve technical issues.”

The Solution: A Fully-Managed and Strategic Approach to Managed IT From Local Experts  

ELP Advisors knew that LA Creative Technologies had experience providing managed IT support to similar consulting firms based in Los Angeles. Given this background and LA Creative’s local presence, the team at ELP Advisors knew they would be the best fit to support the firm’s needs. After ELP Advisors officially partnered with them, LA Creative was on scene to implement the exact strategic and efficient IT platform that the firm was looking for.

LA Creative Technologies assisted the ELP team in purchasing and setting up new equipment, as well as migrating the office to a new file-sharing system that could better support their day-to-day needs. “Our team is incredibly diverse, and we require the ability to quickly access information, share the latest innovations and best practices with clients and communicate seamlessly with internal and external stakeholders,” France says. “A multifaceted and strategic IT platform is fundamental to ensuring our work is executed properly. The support and innovative implementations we’ve received from LA Creative Technologies allow us to do just that.

The Result: Responsive, Strategic and Proactive IT Support That Optimizes Business Processes

For ELP Advisors the bottom line is simple. “The team of experts at LA Creative Technologies makes a point to understand the needs of their clients,” France says. “They especially have a unique understanding of the specific technology needs of smaller sized firms like ours.” LA Creative Technologies worked closely with ELP Advisors to develop a solid understanding of their needs and goals and worked quickly to implement the necessary strategies and solutions.

By building such a detailed knowledge, the LA Creative team has developed a robust and lasting working partnership with ELP Advisors. “I would without a doubt recommend LA Creative Technologies,” France says. “They took the time to understand us and ever since they have been incredibly responsive to our needs. They give us exactly what we need.”

If your business is seeking a more all-encompassing brand of IT support or if you’d like to know more about the specific services that LA Creative Technologies can offer your business, don’t hesitate to reach us at {phone} or {email}.

LA Creative Technologies Helps Verbum Dei High School Refresh Their Approach and Take Hold of Technology!

Verbum Dei High School is an all-boys, Jesuit High School located in South Los Angeles. The school offers the student body with a variety of rigorous college-prep curriculums and offers an unparalleled corporate work-study internship program to further prepare young students for success as they move forward. Verbum Dei boasts a 100% college acceptance rate and maintains this valued standard by instilling the belief in all students, that they can do whatever they set their minds to. Verbum Dei believes in providing students with the very best in curriculum and educational resources, so as to help each student reach his full potential. It goes without saying that in today’s tech-driven world, efficient and functional technology is fundamental to operational success at Verbum Dei.

Educational IT Support in LA

In providing an unprecedented education for an under-served community, Verbum Dei relies partly on governmental funding and community fundraising to maintain its systems infrastructure. For a long time, Verbum Dei Technology Director John Galloway depended on a systems consultancy provider participating through the Federal E-Rate program.  Funded by the FCC, the E-Rate program was established to assist low-income schools and libraries in obtaining and maintaining telecommunications services, internet connectivity and eligible hardware However, funding the program became problematic as E-Rate was due for a major overhaul.  Schools went over two years without Priority 2 funding, which meant large infrastructure deployments and maintenance requirements could not be funded.  Relationships with service providers dried up and Verbum Dei – like many independent small schools – were on their own.  Thankfully, E-rate was re-structured and Priority 2 funding resumed in 2015.  It was at this point where Galloway sought funding for the hardware and systems upgrades the school desperately needed.

E-rate involves a meticulous vetting process to ensure a fair bidding process on the federally funded contracts. Verbum Dei’s approved E-rate contractor – Digital Network Systems – connected the school to LA Creative Technologies to manage and deploy the upgrade initiative. “I met with LA Creative and immediately got a good feel for their understanding of the scope of the project and is demands” Galloway said.  “From the offset, working with them has been great.  They’re young and they’re hungry, and being experienced with older technologies, I was more than happy to have them utilize the latest strategies we see today.” The LA Creative team undertook meticulous site-surveys to understand the needs and current infrastructure at Verbum Dei. Once they knew the exact technology needs and capacities at Verbum Dei, they took action to revive their approach to IT.


One thing was clear: the old networking solution at Verbum Dei, deployed in 2007, was buckling under their growing needs. With a growing wireless device demand, the school needed a vastly updated wireless infrastructure. Making the update would be challenging though, as the server infrastructure at Verbum Dei was slightly jumbled. Because funds were so often difficult to allocate, tech updates or fixes often happened in a piecemeal fashion, as funds would allow. Thanks to some dedicated fundraising work, Verbum Dei, with the help of LA Creative was finally able to consolidate their server base and install a much more robust wireless infrastructure. “They were really great at determining what we needed.” Galloway claims. “We told them our needs, but they were great with asking all the right questions to get to the bottom of what our infrastructure needed to look like.”

The old infrastructure at Verbum Dei consisted of a Cisco ASA Firewall, Cisco Catalyst switches, 2.4GHz of Cisco Aironet wireless all without any service contracts attached. Their systems were reliant on 6 physical servers for domain control, file servers and database hosting. LA Creative Technologies helped deploy:

  • Meraki MX100 with a 24/7 full-service contract
  • Meraki MS Switches with a 24/7 full-service contract
  • 5GHz AC Meraki MR Wireless access points with a 24/7 full service contract
  • 1 physical VM Host with 3 virtual machines for domain control
  • Full cloud monitoring of all devices

These deployments went well and Galloway says the LA Creative team really took the time to determine the best way to implement things. “They’re really focused on getting to know the exact needs and parameters.” He claims. “The way they transitioned things was so customized and impressive. They figured out how to run our old system and the new system parallel while we transitioned so it wasn’t an overnight switch. They figured out what we had, what was lacking; what needed to be migrated and what didn’t and they really held our hand through the whole process. They migrated smaller items slowly and didn’t migrate our big data until the very end. The transition was so smooth and they undertook it in a way that I wouldn’t have known how to. Their commitment to customization and their expertise were invaluable assets to us as we worked to get up-to-date.”

Verbum Dei has not looked back since working with LA Creative Technologies and value the variety of service and support they offer greatly. LA Creative Technologies is committed to providing Verbum Dei with:

  • Attentive, personalized and responsive support and service
  • Customized and tailored IT strategies and solutions that incorporate leading technologies
  • Active listening and partnership through all tech deployments
  • Proactive brainstorming and planning of IT scalability and growth

“They’ve implemented solutions that empower me to handle a lot on my own and they’ve set us up for continued scalability as our needs develop.” Galloway claims. “They keep us informed, they have great analysis tools and they’re just really committed to understanding us. We’ve been lucky to leverage their expertise and strategic thinking and we look forward to having them by our side as we continue to develop.”

Galloway states that he already has additional tech projects in mind, like updating phone systems and disaster recovery solutions, and he’s happy to have continued strategic support from LA Creative. “I would recommend them, without hesitation. Especially to other schools or educational organizations looking to update and optimize IT.” Galloway claims. “Their entire team has the disposition, expertise and resources to help make the necessary upgrades. The bottom line is they provide a huge amount of value and support for a really cost effective price. That’s huge for us.”

If you’d like to learn more about how LA Creative Technologies can help your school or educational organization and serve as an active partner in ‘tech-ed’ deployments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to LA Creative for more information at or (323) 454-1312.


The Undeniable Benefits of Customized I.T. Strategy and Support

Los Angeles IT ServicesWhere do you turn when you’re in need of I.T. support that goes the extra mile?

When The Robert Group, an award-winning public affairs firm specializing in public engagement and community relations, was tired of unreliable support that offered no strategy or peace of mind, {company} was glad to step in and get the job done.

Read our entire case study – click here.

The Goal

The nature of work at The Robert Firm dictates that their team is often dealing with tight deadlines. That makes having reliable and easily accessible I.T. solutions a top priority, so that productivity remains high. Essentially, The Robert Firm was in need of unique I.T. support that transcended the normalcy of regular working hours.

When our team first started working with The Robert Group, they had just suffered a server crash at the beginning of an important project. Their last provider averaged a 36 hour response time – leaving a gap far too wide, and even potentially dangerous. This needed to be corrected quickly.

How We Helped

Our team implemented a temporary solution and then worked to develop and execute a successful I.T. support plan. Our President, Josh Weiss, has also worked as a VCIO for their team, using the right I.T. solutions to uncover and correct any inefficiencies.

Our reliable 24/7 support, personalized services, and continued dedication to improving how the firm utilizes I.T. to exceed goals, has kept our relationship with The Robert Firm strong and successful.

Get in touch with {company} to learn how we can help your operations reach their fullest potential with the right I.T. solutions and a team of dedicated experts. Contact us at {email} or {phone}.

David Truong IT Director The Agency Real Estate

{company} offers a personalized approach to IT services and support. They know our staff, our processes, past issues, and how we operate. We’ve built a high level of trust with {company} thanks to their continued dedication to improving our business with the most effective solutions. They’ve proven to be hard working, honest, skilled problem solvers, strategic planners, and an all-around great IT partner.

LA Creative Technologies a perfect fit for the fast-paced, high-demand work environment at The Robert Group

When The Robert Group required a brand of IT support that went above and beyond the regular call of duty, LA Creative Technologies was able to quickly and effectively implement functional solutions.

The Robert Group

The Robert Group is an award-winning and long-tenured public affairs firm with offices located in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Specializing in public engagement and community relations, The Robert Group is passionate about community engagement, betterment and continuity. As they manage large public infrastructure projects as well as private client requests, the nature of daily work at The Robert Group is varied, unpredictable and often dictated by tight deadlines. Correspondingly, the need for effective and accessible IT solutions round the clock is a top priority for sustaining functionality and productivity.

The Situation: A need for a kind of IT support that transcends the normalcy of regular working hours and environments.

Clarissa Filgioun, a founding senior associate at The Robert Group, explains the original IT company they partnered with simply “weren’t as responsive as we needed them to be.” Because The Robert Group works on large public affairs projects, timelines are often tight, resulting in the need for swift and efficient IT solutions. “Our previous provider often had response times of up to 36 hours and our clients are not sympathetic to missed deadlines.” Clarissa explains. When partner Chris Robert made initial contact with LA Creative Technologies, both she and Clarissa made the decision to bring them on board for more functional and real-time IT support.

The Solution: Round-the-clock, efficient support from an IT provider who deliberately seeks to understand client demand.

When LA Creative Technologies first came on with The Robert Group, their server had crashed at the start of a significant project. The LA Creative team was able to implement a temporary solution and then worked to develop and execute a successful IT support plan moving forward. This allowed for a productive, safe and functional IT environment to be forged at The Robert Group.

Furthermore, as part of LA Creative’s VCIO Service Offering, President Josh Weiss and team led a consultation meeting for The Robert Group to help uncover specific inefficiencies that could be solved using IT solutions. By engaging directly with members of The Robert Group team, LA Creative helped identify inefficiencies in accounting methods and led The Robert Group in the development and implementation of productivity sustaining IT solutions. LA Creative Technologies serves as a leader by offering continuity of support with a proactive to approach to IT implementation.

IT services offered by LA Creative Technologies aren’t limited to addressing procedural inefficiencies either. They work continually be a meaningful resource in the maintaining of productive and supportive IT environments. “With LA Creative Technologies, we’re able to speak with support specialists, technicians and consultants 24/7.” Figouln explains. The support LA Creative Technologies offers has made all the difference in sustaining a productive IT environment for The Robert Group. “We often work late nights or early mornings and on tight deadlines,” Filgioun emphasizes, “So the 24/7 support they offer us is exactly what we need.”

LA Creative Technologies has been able to meet the specific business demands of The Robert Group by offering:

  • 24/7 Access to Support / Consultation – LA Creative Technologies’ ability to provide IT support and consulting services to The Robert Group around the clock has been an incredible lifeline in terms of sustaining productivity. “We have little flare-ups throughout the day and we don’t have much leniency in terms of wait times.” Filgioun reiterates. “With LA Creative, we have direct lines of contact and direct access to the entire team 24/7. You can always reach someone by phone or email – they’ll communicate immediately, in whichever mode you prefer.”
  • Efficient and effective IT solutions – LA Creative Technology provides solutions that work and implement those solutions swiftly. Filgioun explains that since being with LA Creative Technologies, The Robert Group has “experienced express response times consistently; even when the head of the company was on vacation camping. They always make themselves available to us.”
  • Personalization of Service – LA Creative Technologies makes it their business to understand the specific business conditions and demands of each client. They then work efficiently to provide IT services that are directly responsive to those needs. For The Robert Group, personalization of service has manifested as an unparalleled IT support experience. Filgioun claims “they always get back to us personally and right away. They give us personalized attention and can be physically present for us as required.”

On the whole, LA Creative Technologies has been significantly effective in understanding and responding to the specific IT priorities relevant to The Robert Group. The partnership has been a success thanks to LA Creative Technologies and their ability to adapt to a high-demand work environment. “We really appreciate the level of service they offer us” Figouln underscores. “They have really built an amazing working relationship with us, both personally and professionally.”

If your business is seeking a more all-encompassing brand of IT support or if you’d like to know more about the specific services that LA Creative Technologies can offer your business, don’t hesitate to reach us at {phone} or {email}.

Improving Community Relations with IT  

IT Services Jewish SchoolsIn this case study, I will demonstrate how LA Creative Technologies helped a local non-profit streamline & upgrade its campus-wide systems while adhering to the organization’s budgetary requirements.

The Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center (SIJCC) in Los Angeles is a thriving campus of over 17,000 square feet. It provides cultural events and diverse programming for adults, children and families in addition to operating a successful preschool.

In the last few years, the SIJCC has expanded its staff to more than 80 employees, and in the process, has faced mounting pressures to meet its changing technology needs. Initially, they engaged a different IT company, and that experience resulted in a less-than-stellar outcome. The other company had them using sub-par equipment and poorly chosen cloud services. During this time, the SIJCC felt their needs were not being met: the IT company was unresponsive, and they felt that their internal staff could produce the same results without paying for outside expertise.

After hearing about LA Creative Technologies through Josh Weiss’ work with the Progressive Jewish Alliance, Executive Director Ayana Morse contacted Josh for a consultation. The organization engaged LACT to provide both a short- and long-term plan to upgrading their IT systems.

The plan implemented not only day-to-day maintenance, but also provided the SIJCC with a cost-effective strategy for networking the entire campus, adding in Wi-Fi and Virtual Networks (VLANs) to help alleviate their technology challenges.

This vision, created by LA Creative Technologies, provided for near-term solutions and future improvements with more efficient, productive technologies than the changes the previous IT company had implemented.

As Ms. Morse pointed out early in her discussions with LA Creative, as a non-profit organization, the SIJCC must make decisions based on a tight budget with little wiggle room remaining to correct errors. She has repeatedly complimented LA Creative on its initiatives that prioritize future installations to ensure the best solutions occur without creating unnecessary expenditures. Their experience with the last IT company resulted in acquisitions of computers and other equipment that fell short in meeting the organization’s needs, thereby resulting in the necessity for additional equipment replacement within a year. As a non-profit that is expanding to meet the community’s needs, the SIJCC has no room for error in its expenditures.

Unfortunately, the SLJCC has had to absorb some of the costs of correcting the errors of the previous IT company. However, Ms. Morse was highly complimentary in expressing praise at the manner in which LA Creative assisted with those challenges by focusing on the most critical elements of the new strategy and making the necessary improvements, well within budget.

Now the SLJCC is continuing to expand. Currently, they are rehabbing a large building, and LA Creative Technologies is working with them to make that space ready for community and event programming. They are implementing VLANs and backend security with an eye toward even more growth over the next few years.

At LA Creative Technologies, we collaborate with our clients to ensure their unique IT needs are met efficiently and quickly. We strategize on plans for growth, and we fulfill your needs for a virtual CIO or vCIO. When you hire us as your vCIO, you add a technology expert to your team who can help you grow and gain an edge against the competition. We do this by collaborating with you on an IT strategy and budget in line with your objectives and managing the implementation of the technology solutions. In addition, we help you manage your customer relations, or, as in the case of the SLJCC, community outreach and event production requirements. We design integrated systems to cost effectively manage data and your digital communications for marketing and sales.

No matter what type of organization you have, LA Creative Technologies can help you with your IT needs.

The Agency Trusts LA Creative Technologies To Guide Their IT Strategy

mauricio umansky

Perhaps you’ve heard of or seen The Agency—a real estate company that is more than just a real estate company. Their founder, Mauricio Umansky, was recently recognized as the third top producing real estate agent in the entire United States. What made this company grow to a business that has closed more than $4.8 billion in residential sales and is more than a real estate business, but is a lifestyle business too? They hired the right people and listened to what those people had to say. That is especially true when it comes to technology.

Josh Weiss is founder & owner of LA Creative Technologies and an I.T. & CIO consultant for high end real estate firms across Los Angeles. When companies are started, they often go for affordable or even cheap technology; they just look for “good enough” to get by. Josh has helped these companies upgrade that old, barely acceptable technology and cerate reliable tech systems that allow business to grow & expand without growing pains.

David, the current IT Director at the Agency says that he relies on Josh when The Agency faces unexpected issues. “When we have networking difficulties, when we’ve had trouble connecting to the wi-fi, or when speeds are slow or phones keep crashing, we call on Josh and he helps us out.”

When Josh first started working with The Agency, they were basically a small crew in a messy office with technology that was hardly allowing them to get by. With advice from Josh, and partly as a result of his efforts, they have become one of the fastest growing real estate agencies in the world. Thanks to Josh, they can do that without being distracted by tech headaches.

When The Agency has an issue above and beyond the normal Internal I.T. issues, Josh is there to help. For example, when The Agency’s old VOIP phone system had become inadequate, Josh led the search for and seamless implementation of a modern Unified Communications voice solution.

When a company like the Agency – a company that has done more than $4 billion in sales — has technology problems, it is very important that the people they call to fix those problems are available and able to get them back on track. For The Agency, and for several other businesses in the Los Angeles area, L.A. Creative Technologies is the team they rely on.

David, the IT Director at the Agency stated, “We call on L.A. Creative when we need have an issue outside of our expertise, and every time we [ upgrade ] networks and things like that – changes which are important to keep the office running smoothly – L.A. Creative is our go to. They are like an extension to our team on a contract basis.” David added, “I don’t think there’s ever been a problem they haven’t been able to fix for us; and of course they are always receptive and easy to get hold of.”

If you have need for Virtual CIO technology consulting or Managed I.T. Services, contact Josh Weiss at LA Creative Technologies and he will guide you in choosing & implementing the best solution for your situation. They will help solve problems you might be having now, and give you the advice you’ll need to keep future growth-related issues — more people, more technology usage, evolving business needs — from slowing you down.

Client Success Story: KUSP 89.9 FM

KUSP“Josh was a patient and effective teacher and many, many KUSP producers were grateful for his help and guidance. While he worked for us, Josh always ensured our operations continued to run smoothly and without disruption. He proved to be innovative when given a technical challenge and limited tools to work with, and always delivered solid results.” – Terry Green, Former General Manager, KUSP 89.9 FM

KUSP is a Public Radio Station on the Central Coast of California. As Training and Production Coordinator, LA Creative Technologies founder Josh Weiss had the opportunity to fuse his loves of technology, media & music in helping to run the station and influence its digital strategy. During this time, he was in charge of developing new systems for digital production, training volunteers, and engineering radio programs.

Services Performed:

  • Trained paid staff and volunteer programmers in the use of the DADPro32 system; trained producers in audio editing with Adobe Audition and Saw32. (Software Training and Support)
  • Worked with the New Media Department to develop Podcasts and participiate in the creation of digital strategy/
  • Maintained and installed station equipment and researched equipment purchases
  • Station audio network computer maintenance; network, telco and audio wiring (Network Design and Management)
  • Engineered and edited digital recording sessions

L.A. County Supervisor Makes Transition Out of County Service into the Private Sector

L.A County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky Needed a Simple and Effective Means to Gain Secure and Flexible Access to Archive County Files and Assets


After decades in elected office, Zev Yaroslavsky was forming a non-profit institute and ultimately returning to UCLA as director of the L.A. Initiative at Luskin School of Public Affairs and Department of History.

The Solution: A Dedicated IT Solutions Provider Who Understands the Los Angeles Business Environment

{company} owner Josh Weiss grew up in Mr Yaroslavsky’s district, allowing him to have an up close and personal knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the L.A based business world. It is for this reason that Mr Yaroslavsky was referred to {company}.

Because of Mr Yaroslavsky’s decades of hard work in the public sector, the transition out of County service into the Private sector would take an immense amount of hard work and organization. {company} went above and beyond in regards to interacting and collaborating with the L.A County IT staff. They worked tirelessly, using their technical expertise to get Mr Yaroslavsky set up with all of the essential technology solutions he needed to thrive in his new endeavor including:

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
  • Hosted File Sync Service
  • Secure and Flexible Access to Archived County Filed and Assets

This allowed Mr Yaroslavsky to direct his full focus on readying himself to return to UCLA and effectively settle into his new role.  Since this transition, {company} and Mr Yaroslavsky have developed both a professional and trusting relationship that has allowed him to continuously reach his goals and meet his objectives in the most effective way possible. This is why Mr Yaroslavsky is thrilled to continue his business relationship with {company} for years to come.

Are you looking for an IT solutions provider who is willing to go the extra mile to make your organization successful? Discover the dedication and expertise that {company} has to offer, call us at {phone} or send us an email at {email} to discuss how our comprehensive IT solutions and support can enhance your operations and simplify your operations.