IT Career Opportunity In Southern California

Greetings Venerated Citizen of Your Neighborhood,

Do your current circumstances match the scope and quality of your geeky aspirations? Do you create entirely groovy things and proffer them to your friends and social media acquaintances completely free of charge? Is your bedroom littered with dead computers that you’ve kept because they might still have a nice strong magnet inside for your next experiment? Do you frequently get volunteered to debug and secure your aunt’s, uncles, and grand-folk’s computers against your will? Are you the most tech-savvy person in most situations, but haven’t gotten the tech respect you deserve because you aren’t making any money at it yet?

You just might be the nerd we’re looking for.


This is an entry level IT support gig for someone talented and passionate, like you, who is eager to learn everything from scratch. No work experience is required. All that is required is that you have an unholy passion for information technology.

You’ll be working either from home, at our office in Echo Park, or at our clients’ offices located in:

  • Downtown Los Angeles
  • Atwater Village
  • Beverly Hills
  • Hollywood
  • Brentwood
  • Marina Del Rey
  • And other fine locations around our city!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to check if clients have turned their problematic machines on and off again. If they have, you’ll need to try to figure out what kind of rookie mistake they have made to get into the mess they’re in.

This a one-of-a-kind opportunity for rough and ready computer nerds who know how to diagnose a problem using a combination of Google searches and sheer talent. This is going to be a trial by fire type of situation. We absolutely will throw you to the wolves, expect you to sink or swim, as well as a number of other mixed metaphors.

Sometimes, there won’t be much for you to do. During such times you might be working from home **HINT that would be a good time to do some independent study. You’ll also be tasked with helping our remote clients during these times. Please be ready to look and act professionally should a client want to have a video conference with you.

You’ll be answering calls, (within two rings, por favor), responding to emails, and just basically doing everything in your nerdy power to ensure that clients DO NOT accuse us of being slackers.

This job will be fun. You will be given the opportunity to live by your wits and given the time you need to solve problems- a privilege that few working people have. We know that genius has got to be given room to breathe in order to function- and that’s what we are offering, to the right kind of geek.


LA Creative is not your father’s IT company. We provide active, personal support for our clients. We provide cloud computing services unlike any other firm by making it feel like an actual cloud. Information technology is the air that our client’s businesses breathe- whether they know it or not- and we make it our mission to ensure that they experience zero to dang-near-zero interruptions in service. We promise our clients direct transport to the cloud in a non-stop expressway to digital affluence and information blasting power…and we’re asking you to drive this train into cyberspace.


  • Care about people. Seriously
  • Love to learn, a lot
  • Spell check for Pete’s sake (Pete’s begging you)
  • Be an optimist
  • An obsession with customer satisfaction, (how else can you prove that you’re so brilliant?)
  • Get stuff done, lots of stuff
  • If you see a problem, fix a problem
  • Be a grammar expert
  • Laugh a lot, seriously- we have trap door installed for sour grapes- so don’t be one
  • Wear your big person pants


  • Be able to work nine hour shifts
  • Have a home office
  • Have transportation (what, were you expecting to carry open-housing hard drives on the city bus?)
  • Have current U.S. work authorization

On Site Technical Support Technician

{company} is comprised of a dynamic group of professionals dedicated to bringing Fortune 500 I.T. solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in Southern California. We understand the distinctive needs of this niche market and has based our business model around providing them with a superior quality IT solution that has been previously out of reach due to cost and personnel factors – a solution that is extremely versatile, scalable to company size, and can be customized to virtually any business sector.

The On Site Technical Support Technician is responsible for all onsite service and support needs for our customers. This relates to all technology, to include: workstations, servers, printers, networks, and vendor specific hardware and software. This person takes ownership of the client’s technical environment. From a 10,000 foot view and is responsible to:

  1. Maintain client satisfaction with their environment
  2. Ensure that their technology is functioning properly
  3. Coordinate with BTA to implement business goals


65% – IT Support (Client Resolution)

  • Responsible for providing IT support relating to maintenance of the clients physical network through: Verification and currency of Centralized Services functionality (Backups/ AV/Malware/Patching).
  • Develop and deploy onsite proactive services that will reduce the need for reactive support.
  • Acting as onsite technical support for user issues including allocating and maintaining loaner equipment.
  • Performing regular onsite, staging and repair services.
  • Taking accountability for any deficiency by following the ticket through to completion, either through your own work or following up on the work of one of your peers.
  • Work collaboratively with peers in order to help solve clients issues in a timely manner

20% – Customer Communication

  • Acting as the primary contact for issues that need to be escalated to support centre
  • Ensure all issues are followed up on
  • Improve the overall customer experience for our clients
  • Measure and gauge client satisfaction.

15% – Complete Ticket Notes/Documentation of Policies and Procedures

  • Responsible for documentation to include both system reviews and recommendations
  • Complete all Truemethods assignments according to the appropriate schedules
  • Document internal processes and procedures related to duties and responsibilities

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each of the requirements listed below:

  • Professional IT Certifications, such as: Microsoft MCP, MCSA, or MCSE, Citrix CCEA or CCIA, Astaro appliances CSSA, Cisco CCNA, or VMware VCP
  • Interpersonal skills: such as telephony skills, communication skills, active listening and customer-care
  • Diagnosis skills of technical issues
  • Technical awareness: ability to match resources to technical issues appropriately
  • Service awareness of all organization’s key IT services for which support is being provided
  • Understanding of support tools, techniques, and how technology is used to provide IT services
  • Typing skills to ensure quick and accurate entry of service request details
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work in a fast moving environment