Business Cloud Solutions

With technology evolving at an alarming rate, businesses of all sizes are being forced to morph their technical infrastructure to meet expectations of their customers, clients, and employees.  In order to beat out the competition, it is clear that the most successful organizations across all industries are moving toward cloud solutions to enhance their business practices and provide the best services and products for their client base.  If you haven’t considered migrating some of your infrastructure to the cloud, there is a really good chance that you’re already falling behind your competition because you’re missing out on some of the most available lowest hanging fruit to improve your business.  Consider these three easy-to-implement cloud solutions to make your company more mobile and the most efficient that it can be:

  1. Data storage in the cloud is more reliable than those network attached storage systems that you’re utilizing today.  Should your internet network fail, a hard drive on the NAS die, or too many people are tapping in to the NAS at one time, you’re going to be dead in the water and the productivity loss is exponentially greater with each passing minute.  Cloud-based storage options are often cheaper than purchasing expensive network attached storage units and far more reliable since data centers are almost always replicated in the event of hardware failure, power outages, or bandwidth increases.
  2. Server administration. If your critical servers are being supported in an external environment, out in the cloud, you’re going to have that amazing replication power at an affordable rate.  Live replication will guarantee that your organization will continue to plus along in the event of some sort of failure that you don’t even know about because the 3rd party data center will handle the situation.  This will take a lot of stress off of your internal IT group.
  3. Disaster recovery systems. In the event of a serious natural disaster, wouldn’t it be nice to have all of the critical data and servers off-site?  You can be back up and running in the matter of minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.  In the event that you get slammed by some form of ransomware and you’re locked out of your own files, wouldn’t it be sweet if you could just live-restore from backups in seconds or minutes instead of having to take down some piece of the infrastructure to recover the data?  In some cases, using a cloud software for backups and utilizing the recovery attribute a single time will save enough downtime to pay for the service for 6 months in contrast to relying on in-house IT efforts.

Simply utilizing these three solutions will make your business the best it can be.  The benefits of the cloud don’t stop with those listed above.  We can help you take advantage of the new-age technology that is available to you and leverage it to make your business the best it can be.  After all… It’s a guarantee that your competition is.

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Cloud Communications for the Way Modern Business Communicates

The days of going to work, sitting behind a desk, and talking on your corded office phone are long gone. Thanks to the cloud, work is now something we “do”, not so much a place where we “go”. As files, data, and systems are now commonly stored in the “cloud” rather than on a physical device in your office, the ability to work and communicate from outside of the office feeling as if you are sitting next to your co-workers is possible. When you combine the possibilities of cloud communications with the increased use of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices – the result is improved communications and new mobile workstyles.

Employees of today’s businesses are working and communicating with one another from home, from the coffee shop, or from a client’s location. To remain productive in and out of the office, they need the ability to communicate and collaborate in real time with co-workers and managers with clear voice, chat, messaging, and video. Also, if you plan to keep your customers happy, you need to provide customer service via the communication methods your customers are already using – from social media to online chat, email, and phone calls.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems

One of the biggest innovations that have impacted the way businesses communicate has come through the introduction of VoIP and Unified Communications systems. These cloud-based communications systems use the internet connection to access company communications, which eliminates the need for the in-office phone system maintenance, management, expensive equipment, and costly bills associated with traditional office phone lines. When an organization switches to cloud-based phone and communications systems, they can take their calls with them even when they leave the office – and the door is opened to new features and capabilities that help employees do their job more efficiently. Unified Communications integrates a variety of messaging services including online chat, phone, audio, web, and video conference into a single user interface across multiple devices and media types.

Cloud-based communications systems give many advantages but they are not without challenges. Many companies experience choppy calls, garbled voice, or dropped calls – none of which are going to help you communicate! The right network and network management can resolve these challenges.

Can You Make Calls from Anywhere?

For businesses that have not yet moved to a Unified Communications system, you may be relying on your personal or business-issued cell phones to make and receive calls when you’re not in the office. Sure, this lets you make and receive calls from anywhere, but it’s not the same as having access to the company phone and online communications systems. Having multiple phone numbers is not ideal, and without the integration of communication methods, your productivity is not reaching full potential. The cloud makes it possible to connect a variety of communications methods and run your business from anywhere with the same level of communication as though you were sitting in the office with your team.

We Could Help You Communicate Better

At LA Creative, we help our customers communicate more efficiently with the cloud. We can manage cloud collaboration tools for you, so you can simply pick up the device of your choice and chat, call, or video conference with ease.  We’ll show you how to transform your business and make your cloud communication tools work for you to increase efficiency, reduce costs, provide recovery services, and scalability to meet the changing needs of your business. We can even combine these services with email monitoring and protection and backup and disaster recovery for complete peace of mind. Want to learn more? Give us a call – (323) 454-1312 – we’d love to find out what challenges you have and show you how to overcome them.